Top 5 Reasons Why You Need These Comfortable Shoes Now!

1. Like Walking On Clouds!

Back and knee pain can make long shifts a nightmare! Gales® absorb and disperse energy, rather than bounce it back into your body like athletic shoes, reducing impact on your joints.

2. Ventilated To Keep You Cool

Water resistant on the outside, ventilation on the inside - designed to keep fluids at bay and move moisture away!

3. Seriously Easy to Clean

Q: What's bleach-able, machine washable, and easy to clean in 3 seconds or less?

A: Gales® - With no laces, fibers or crevices, our shoes are hard to get dirty!

4. Extra Grip So You Don't Slip

Wet or dry, we've got you covered with ASTM Certified Slip Resistant Soles!

(P.S. we're also lab certified Anti-Microbial)

5. HSA / FSA Eligible

The first ever footwear approved for health savings accounts (HSA), and flexible spending accounts (FSA). Treat your feet to cloud-like comfort, tax free!

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