Putting Nurses First: Our Partnership with IntelyCare
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Nurses Week is a time to go above and beyond our normal admiration for nursing professionals and find new ways to appreciate them for all their sacrifice and hard work. As always, our mission is to protect nurses year-round, but as we start the third year of this global pandemic, we thought it was extra important to show nurses how much we care about their dedication to keeping us all safe. That is why Gales is partnering with a company that cares about nurses as much we do - IntelyCare. This year in an effort to match the celebration with the enormity of nurses’ contributions, Gales is sponsoring the Intely@Sea Cruise. This 5-day cruise is all about giving nursing professionals space so they can truly unwind and relax. The cruise will also provide nursing professionals with opportunities to grow in their careers, offering access to free CEU credits via courses taught by top nursing professionals, including our own board member and the Chief Clinical Officer of IntelyCare, Rebecca Love. 

IntelyCare is the leading tech-enabled nurses staffing platform in the United States and they have a simple mission, to empower nursing professionals to transform the way they work. This is done by giving nurses unprecedented scheduling flexibility, so they can choose when and where they work and build a schedule that truly works for their lives - not the other way around.

Back in 2016, IntelyCare's founders believed that there had to be a better working model for nurses to reduce the burnout. This led to the creation of the IntelyCare platform and app, which connects nurses with open shifts at healthcare facilities. That drive and passion to do what’s best for nurses remains today, and it's the driving force behind IntelyCare reimagining Nurses Week this year. They heard from their nurses that there was a need to be able to step back and heal from trauma of a global pandemic, and that nursing professionals were looking for more time to focus on their careers. 

At Gales, we understand that nursing professionals have put themselves on the front lines during their pandemic, risking their own safety to care for our loved ones. For Nurses Week 2022, we couldn't just do the same thing we do every year. In addition to sponsoring the cruise, Gales is teaming up with IntelyCare to give away 300 shoes during Nurses Week. We are creating a limited run of our shoes in IntelyCare’s signature blue color. 

If you’re looking for inspiration on how else you can support nurses, then visit Their celebrations go beyond the cruise and the shoe giveaway. They are always looking for news ways to delight and surprise their nurses, IntelyPro’s as they call them.