Our Favorite Brands That Offer Discounts for Healthcare Workers

Nurses have a lot of expenses for items they need to do their basic job; Uniforms, including scrubs, equipment,  licensing fees, like state registrations, continuing education costs; the list is endless! And while all of these items can be claimed for tax deductions( read more about that here), when it comes to shopping for everyday items or just about anything, a little discount can go a long way.

Thankfully, there are hundreds of brands out there who are as committed to giving back to healthcare workers as we are here at Gales®. That’s right, as a healthcare worker, you can avail of year-round discounts from top brands if you work in the medical field! 

In honor of nurses week this month, we wanted to do a quick roundup of some awesome brands that offer discounts to healthcare workers. 


Above all else, we want to be a brand that goes above and beyond to support healthcare workers. When creating Gales®, having the most accessible price point possible was extremely important to us, but we also want to extend a discount to our new customers as a way of expressing just how much we appreciate all that you do! 

Gales are the first smart PPE shoe designed in collaboration with healthcare professionals around the country. We used this feedback to design a shoe that would deliver all-day comfort, and protection from infection, all wrapped up in our lace-less and easy-to-clean design. 

Follow this link to get 10% off your first pair of Gales, and free shipping on your first order! 


Hello, summer! Even in the colder months, a good pair of shades is essential. The leader in eyewear for almost 90 years, Ray-Ban offers 15% off to nurses, doctors, teachers, and other specialty groups they feel go above and beyond to serve their communities. Similar to other brands offering discounts for certain types of workers, you’ll need to create a quick account so they can verify you, and then you can shop for sunnies or prescription eyewear and enjoy a sweet discount.


This fashion brand offers everything from casual wear to more fancy attire for special events, and they’re known for their size inclusivity. You can shop for anything, including swimwear and outerwear, and receive a 15% discount online and in stores for a full year! You guessed it, you’ll need to verify your work status by creating an account, but once you do that, the discount will automatically be applied to all orders for the next 12 months! 


The tech giant makes everything from laptops to smartphones, and they currently offer up to a 30% discount for healthcare workers! The discount varies depending on the product, but if you’re on the hunt for a new computer or wanna upgrade your cell phone, you could save between $50-$100! They have an awesome page on their website that shows how much you can save by each product category.

Casper ( and Brooklyn Bedding)

As a healthcare worker, there is nothing you need more than a good night's sleep after a long day. Getting optimal rest will set you up for whatever the next day is going to throw at you, and the right mattress can really make the world of difference. Casper, known for their cloud-like mattress that comes in a convenient box for easy installation, offers healthcare workers 20% off! Note that the discount is off one purchase only. Oh, and on the topic of getting a great night's rest, Brooklyn Bedding gives medical professionals 25% off plus free shipping! Sweet dreams!

Elf Cosmetics 

If you don’t know, Elf is an affordable beauty brand that is famed for having some amazing dupes for some of the most famous( and expensive!) beauty products on the market, and they are offering healthcare professionals 25% off all orders. Even if makeup isn't your thing, they have some incredible skincare and other pamper products that are perfect for #selfcare!

Calm App

You’ve heard us talk about the importance of rest and relaxation when you work in healthcare, and the Calm app should be a part of your regular routine. This app has everything from rainforest sleep sounds to ease you off to sleep, meditations that you can do on your break, and even sleep stories narrated by some of the world's most famous actors (Harry Styles, Matthew McConaughey–the list is endless!)

They have a monthly or annual subscription option, and the folks at Calm offer $40 off for all healthcare workers! 

Green Chef

Cooking dinner after a long shift can be daunting, so we’re all for anything that can save you a little time and stress. Meal kits have exploded in popularity in the last few years thanks to the pre-portioned ingredients and helpful recipe cards that can get dinner on the table in 30 mins or less! Green Chef, a meal kit that is more tailored to organic and specialty diets, like keto, vegan, etc, offers medical staff a 50% discount on their first order plus free shipping, followed by 15% off all other orders after that for up to a year. Their position sizes are pretty generous, so you can even have leftovers for lunch the next day! 

We love to see other brands giving back to the healthcare community, and you might be surprised to know that so many other brands offer lifetime discounts, too! So, if you’re on the market for something new, whether it's for work or not, we recommend doing a quick search 

to see if your favorite brand offers a discount! 

Happy shopping! Treat yourself ( you deserve it 😉 )