Meet Tyler Bedley, #Gales4Nurses Grand Prize Winner
Tyler is the Grand Prize winner of our #Gales4Nurses Giveaway and a lifetime supply of Gales! Out of all the applicants, her story, compassion and energy stood out, and we are thrilled to share that story here with you.
"Instead of explaining how I've been impacted, I want to take this chance to share my story about the "why" behind my job, the "why" behind the dream.
At 16 I learned I was infertile. Or...missing most of my reproductive organs. At this point in my life, I was dreaming of my future: my wedding, husband, career, children, & even my dog. When I was told I could never carry my own child, all my plans changed & instead became months of tears, appointments, & questions.
I had maternal instincts at a young age & started nannying when I was 12. I took every certification class & wanted to work as a nurse in pediatrics. After my diagnosis, I grew to resent many women for their seemingly normal bodies. Due to this, my job as a nanny & what I thought was my dream career disappeared quickly. 
After 2 years of grief, I realized through the pain paired with definite infertility, I’ve become a person with the understanding & loving nature needed to pursue my new dream career: a labor & delivery nurse. It made me realize I could be an amazing nurse for both an excited or grieving parent. I want to live my life helping those with the gift of bearing children, even though I wasn’t given that gift. I don’t want to miss out on the beautiful things new life has to offer, even if science has told me I’m unable to do it myself.
When I was diagnosed, I would’ve told you there’s nothing positive about my condition. Four years later, it’s led me through many life choices & has expanded my view on topics from religion to mental health. Yes, infertility has completely changed me & made me into a different person, but it will never define me. With or without a uterus, I am Tyler Bedley, and I will be one fantastic nurse."