An Interview with Cindy Johnson, RN aka The Dancing Nurse

We love nothing more than sitting down with healthcare workers and learning all about their experience in their field, what makes them do what they do, and of course their experience with Gales®. 

Recently, we sat down with Cindy Johnson, RN aka The Dancing Nurse, and our first Gales® brand ambassador to learn more about her career as a Nurse Manager at an outpatient surgery center. 

Tell us a little about yourself?

I am originally from Bowie, MD but moved to Arizona 12 years ago. I've been a nurse for 17 years now. I started my nursing career in surgical ICU at Washington Hospital Center in Washington, DC, but made a change to PACU (recovery room) when I moved to Arizona. I then left the hospital to work in the outpatient surgery setting and am currently working for a vascular surgeon. 

What first sparked your interest in pursuing a medical career?

Back in 2000 my mother was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer. I was at the hospital as much as possible visiting and helping her after a major surgery. It was during that time I decided I wanted to return to school to become an RN. In fact, I was so inspired that my first job was in the exact ICU my mother had been in after her surgery. 

What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite thing is interacting with a variety of people and making their surgery experience as comfortable & pleasant as possible. 

What is the most surprising part of your job?

You never know what type of patient you’re going to have. You have to be flexible and be able to go with the flow. 

If there is one piece of advice you could give a nursing student, what would it be?

My advice to nursing students is to not be afraid to ask questions and to speak up when something doesn’t feel right. 

How do you find time for/what do you do to prioritize your mental wellness?

Exercise and dancing really helps with my mental health. I usually try to squeeze in workouts before my workday. It helps to jumpstart my day! Then I can spend my evenings with my family. 

Lastly, why do you love Gales®?!

I love Gales® because they are comfortable, clean off easily and have cute colors! My favorite colors are pink & white.