Gales On My Feet Song & Music Video Are Here!

It’s been an incredibly difficult few years for nurses and all healthcare workers who have gone above and beyond to provide tremendous care under the most difficult circumstances. We created Gales® for one simple reason; to give back to those who do so much for us! We’re always looking for ways to show our support for the nursing community and their feet; any way that we can add a little fun and lightheartedness to a nurse’s day, we jump at the opportunity. 

We’re so excited to release “Gales® On My Feet,” the first song and music video that was created to celebrate healthcare professionals. We can’t imagine how tough the last two and a half years have been on healthcare staff, and this is our way of trying to put a smile on their faces and show them our gratitude. 

We teamed up with Mute Six and Pillowfight!! Productions, who wrote, produced, and directed the “Gales® On My Feet'' music video in California this June. With music by Wyatt Starkman, Jackson II, and Ryan Lou, performances by Asia Miller and Elijah Mack, and cameos by “The Dancing Nurse” Cindy Johnson, RN, Dr. Erin Gordon, and Dr. Alison Gordon, “Gales on my Feet” will have you singing and dancing along before you know it. We hope that nurses will love it, share it, and remember that we stand with them, no matter what. It’s pretty catchy if we do say so ourselves!

To celebrate the release of the “Gales® On My Feet” music video, we’re thrilled to be launching a giveaway for a healthcare professional to win Gales® shoes for their entire unit, open until August 26th. Hop on TikTok or Instagram and dance along to “Gales® On My Feet” using the hashtag #GalesDanceOff to enter and become the office hero! Check out our Instagram or TikTok posts for more info on how to enter. 

Our hope is that this song will become a soundbite of support for those who risk their lives to save the lives of others and that we can show them at least a fraction of our appreciation for their hard work. 

Thank you, nurses 💚 Happy dancing!