Comparing Gales to Clove & FIGS

Nurses, we want to make your lives easier. Protecting yourselves from head to toe is a must when working those 12 hour shifts, but that’s easier said than done.

The right shoe can not only provide comfort and peace-of-mind during a long workday, but can also prevent dangerous liquids of infections from seeping in and causing you harm. Footwear for nurses and healthcare workers has become an increasing priority during the global pandemic, however many are still turning to their trusted running shoes or other footwear that hasn’t been designed with the specific needs of nurses in mind.

The need for comfort is just the start when it comes to picking the right footwear. Outside of a shoe that won't slip and that is easy to clean, nurses need a low-maintenance shoe that will work to protect them from any and all infection. 

We want you to make the most informed and best decision for you, so we compared Gales to other leading shoes for healthcare workers, Clove and FIGS Balance Shoes, to see how they stack up. 

Some Similarities

  • All are designed with healthcare workers needs in mind
  • All are available for men and women, and come in a large range of full and half sizes, as well as multiple colorways

Some Differences 

  • Gales are the first Smart PPE footwear designed exclusively for nurses
  • Gales contain no laces or crevasses that can incubate infection
  • Clove and FIGS both have laces
  • Gales feature a washable Ortholite® insole that maintains its shape and performance benefits after every wash
  • Gales are made from Antimicrobial & Waterproof material that only needs to be wiped-clean and dry in a matter of seconds
  • Clove shoes are made with a liquid repellant, stain resistant, microfiber leather
  • FIGS are made from Knit and antimicrobial fabric and need to be washed with warm water and detergent
  • FIGS and Cove cost $128-$129, Gales cost $89.95

Gales Overview

Founded in 2020 after CEO Rob Gregg quickly identified the need for protective shoes for nurses, he set out to combine his ten plus years in footwear design and production to create Gales, the first smart PPE shoe of its kind designed for nurses. 

Gales put comfort and protection above all else, and our shoe was designed in collaboration with nurses from around the country so we could be sure that any and all concerns were addressed. 

Gales are equipped with a ton of innovative features that make them next-level comfortable and ultra protective, starting with the antimicrobial and waterproof material. This unique material can be wiped clean in seconds, and will protect from dangerous liquids or infections, something many of the nurses we surveyed expressed as one of their main concerns. The result is a protective yet breathable shoe that feels like a cloud all day long!

Secondly, when designing Gales, we wanted to deliver the most low maintenance shoe possible. The last thing you need during a busy shift is to stop and tie your laces, that's why we included a snug resistance-band at the top of the shoe that holds it in place and mitigates the need for pesky laces. The lack of grooves and other unnecessary materials in the shoe means Gales deliver a protective barrier to your feet.

Long shifts on your feet call for the most amount of comfort and support, so we equipped Gales with long term cushioning, arch support and machine washable Ortholite® insoles. These insoles are designed to maintain and keep their performance benefits, even after being machine washed. These can be easily removed and cleaned to help with moisture management. 

Gales also have firm grip soles, and are super light-weight thanks to their XL Extralight® technology, which is three times lighter than comparable materials. Gales come in 6 fun colorways, with more being slated for release in 2022.

We firmly believe that nurses and other healthcare workers should not have to break the bank in order to protect themselves from the uncertainties of their job, so we made Gales available for only $89.95 a pair. 

Clove Overview

Clove has been around for a while, and offers both footwear and accessories for nurses and other healthcare workers. Their hero product, the Clove shoe, is available for both men and women in a complete range of full and half sizes. While Clove describes themselves as a sneaker designed specifically for healthcare workers, they differ from Gales in a number of key areas.

Like Gales, they are designed with comfort in mind, and feature all day support thanks to their 43mm heel cushion. However, that’s the only specific thing we could find in regards to what exactly makes them comfortable. 

Next up, protection– the area where Cloves differs the most from Gales. While Clove are designed with a liquid repellant, stain resistant, easy to clean microfiber leather, they feature laces and other crevices that can absorb liquids or other harmful infections. These features also make them that much more difficult to clean and maintain, not to mention the number of times you’ll need to stop during shifts to tie them.

Clove comes in 5 core colorways, and they release seasonal drops of newer colors regularly. They cost $129 a pair (now $139), which is significantly higher than Gales for a less protective shoe that doesn’t compare in the number of comfort-inducing features

FIGS  Overview

FIGS is a leader in the healthcare apparel space, and offers everything from scrubs to shoes. Their New Balance product is another sneaker-like shoe that is designed with healthcare workers in mind.

They have a similar aesthetic to Clove, and are made from water-proof suede and feature liquid-resistant mesh, studded rubber traction outsole, and come with one set of custom laces.

These shoes are a little more high-maintenance than Clove and Gales, and cleaning them requires warm water and detergent. Like Clove, the laces and crevices make them more difficult to sanitize and maintain, not to mention how long it takes for the fabric to dry after washing.

Like Clove, there’s not much information on what makes the shoe comfortable, however, FIGS New Balance do have a studded rubber traction outsole so you never have to worry about slipping.

These retail for $128, on par with Clove but still a lot more than Gales.

Final Notes 

As we said, we want you to find the right shoe to fit your needs, and after comparing Gales to Clove and FIGS, we’re confident that our shoe delivers a lot more comfort and protective features, at a much better price.

With Clove and FIGS, the materials and laces make them more complex to clean, and you’ll need to have another pair on standby if an accident happens. Also, their sneaker-like design simply isn't as practical as Gales' no lace, no fuss aesthetic.

Gales’ long-list of protective and comfort promoting features were designed in collaboration with nurses from hundreds of medical faculties from around the country, and we used this feedback to inform every aspect of Gales design. Lastly, Gales cost almost 40% less than the others, so if you’re looking for a shoe that will give peace of mind and won't break the bank, you can shop for Gales here!