5 Reasons Why Gales Are The Perfect Shoe For Restaurant Workers

Making people comfortable on their feet is what we do at Gales®. We started our mission to provide protective, affordable, and comfortable footwear to nurses back in March 2020, and since then we have been evolving our shoes to meet the always-changing needs of those who work on their feet all day, every day.

Gales® are not only the perfect shoe for those working in the healthcare sector; our shoes are equipped with a ton of features that make them perfect for those working in the hospitality industry. 

Gales® are an ideal choice for chefs, servers, bartenders, and just about anyone who works in restaurants for a lot of reasons, here’s why;

1. All-day comfort and support

Did you know that waiters, bartenders, and other restaurant workers can take up to 1,772 steps per hour?! That’s a lot of time on your feet! When we were designing Gales®, we knew it was crucial that they offered support in the right places and stayed comfortable all day. 

That’s why we equipped our shoes with custom, machine washable Ortholite® insoles. Not only do these cloud-like insoles provide all-day comfort and continuous arch support, but they also help with moisture management. As with every component of Gales®, these insoles can be easily removed and machine washed. They’re designed to maintain their performance benefits even after multiple washes– they’re built to go the distance!  

2. Easy to clean

Making our shoe the most low-maintenance and sleek as possible was top of mind when we were designing Gales®. When you work in the service industry, you know how messy things can get! That’s why Gales® are ideal for these spills and stains; they’re 100% waterproof and stop any liquids from penetrating. Our shoes are bleachable for any crazy stains and can be wiped clean with an antiseptic wipe or any spray you have, and they dry in a matter of seconds thanks to their durable easy-to-clean material. 

Gales® are designed to be easy to wear, so we equipped our shoes with a snug resistance band across the top that keeps them in place and adds an additional layer of support. That means no annoying laces that need to be tied multiple times a day, and no more dirt and bacteria that they can hold. 

3. Can withstand hot liquids up to 175°C

Sauces, coffee, soups– the chances of you spilling something during your shift is very high when you work in the hospitality industry! Not only are Gales® easy to clean, but they are also able to withstand and protect you from hot liquids up to 175°C! So, whether you’re a chef cooking up a storm in the kitchen or a server carrying hot plates, you never need to worry about spills burning your feet when you’re rocking a pair of Gales®!

4. Slip-resistant and lightweight 

When you spend your day running around, having a shoe that can save you from slipping and hurting yourself is a must.  You need a shoe that fits well and is designed to meet the demands of both wet and dry surfaces in a work environment. Gales® have firm grip soles that are slip-resistant, a lace less design to avoid tripping, and will keep you safe when you’re running around.

There’s nothing worse than a clunky shoe that slows you down. Gales® are made from the lightest, highest quality material possible that doesn’t feel heavy or restrictive on long work days. Gales® have a soft-touch thanks to our XL Extralight® technology that makes them 3x lighter than comparable materials on the market. 

5. Wide range of colors and styles

Whether you’re required to wear a neutral basis for your job, or you like to have a  little fun with a pop of color, Gales® has the shoe for you! They are available in 4 awesome neutrals; black, navy, gray, and white, and if you want something a little brighter, you need to check out the lavender and mint colorways! All colors are available in a wide range of full and half sizes for both men and women. We’re always working on new colorways, so keep an eye on our IG @weargales to see the latest color drops!

Working in the service industry is no easy feat! You have so much to think about and remember at any given moment and you’re on your feet for such long periods of time;you need a shoe that does the work for you. Gales feel like walking on a cloud, and as we mentioned, they have some pretty awesome features that will keep you safe and protected at work.