3 Reasons Why Gales® Are The Best Shoes For Standing

When we set out to create Gales® in March of 2020, providing affordable, comfortable, and protective footwear to our frontline workers was our one and only focus. Nurses were working under the most dangerous and exhausting conditions, and at the very least they deserved to be protected from head to toe.

We designed Gales® in collaboration with hundreds of amazing RN’s from around the United States, because we wanted our shoes to provide more than just comfort and protection; we wanted them to give peace of mind and ensure that any and all concerns expressed were factored into the design and manufacturing of Gales®.

Working so closely with nurses these past two years are what has made Gales® what we are today; our community of incredible RNs has been and continues to be an invaluable source of inspiration and knowledge for the Gales® team. They provide us with continuous feedback that has allowed us to perfect our product, fix pain points and ensure that comfort and affordability stay as key features of our hero product. 

This feedback and input from the nursing community have been vital to Gale's evolution because no one spends longer on their feet all day than nurses. A study found in the National Library of Medicine reported that the median distance traveled during a 10-hour shift is three miles, with some nurses walking as much as five miles a day. That's about the equivalent of walking a mini-marathon each week! 

So, if anyone knows what it takes to make a shoe go the extra mile, it’s our frontline workers. But they’re not the only ones; American workers spend an average of 57% of their workday on their feet, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Everyone who spends the majority of their workday on their feet should have access to footwear that provides comfort and support at a reasonable price point, but many opt for expensive sneaker brands that are designed for short, high-impact workouts, rather than long days spent standing.

That’s why Gales® are the best shoes for standing. Comfort and support are ingrained in Gales®’ DNA, so no matter what industry you work in, here’s how Gales® can keep you comfortable all day at work.

All-day Comfort & Support 

Being on your feet all day is exhausting, so we want you to feel like you’re walking on a cloud. Gales® shoes feature long-term cushioning, continuous arch support, and machine washable Ortholite® insoles. These incredibly supportive insoles are designed to maintain and keep their performance benefits, and can be machine washed without compromising their structure; they bounce right back after every wash. These custom insoles also help with moisture management.

Gales® also have firm grip soles to ensure they are slip-resistant and are made from XL Extralight® technology, which is three times lighter than comparable materials. Shoes don’t have to be heavy and clunky to offer maximum support, and unlike sneakers that are better suited for short intervals, Gales® has been specifically designed to go the extra mile and offer consistent support that doesn’t waiver.

Sleek Design

A good work shoe needs to be practical and low-maintenance as possible, regardless of what indusry you work in. A sleek, minimal design is a must, so that’s why we designed Gales® shoes without any pesky laces that need to be tied multiple times a day and removed to be cleaned. Gale®'s have an added band across the top of the foot that adds an additional layer of support and mitigates the need for laces. They fit snugly without feeling restricted and can be easily slipped on or off. 

When you work on your feet all day, we don’t need to tell you about the dirt you accumulate on your shoes. While most sneakers need to be tossed into the washing machine and take up 24 hours to properly dry before being worn again, Gales®’ antimicrobial and waterproof material can be wiped clean in seconds and dries almost instantly. So, you can wipe clean and carry on with your day without adding another to-do to your already full list.

Gales® come in seven bright and neutral colorways; black, white, navy charcoal, mint, lavender and a limited edition pink,  and are available in a complete range of full and half sizes for both men and women.


Essentials needed to do the basics of your job should never break the bank, and that is something that Gales® will never change our minds on. Gales® cost just $89.95 a pair, that's around half the price of leading sneaker brands. In recent months, there’s been a ton of price increases in the footwear industry among leading brands, but Gales® is committed to always providing the best possible price point. You can get 2 pairs of Gales® for the same price as 1 from another brand, so why not treat yourself to a fun bright color and a neutral to have the best of both worlds.

The right pair of shoes can make a long day a lot more comfortable, and with Gales, you can feel cloud-like comfort from the moment your day starts ‘til the second your off the clock.