Athletic Shoes
Non-Slip Safety Shoes
Heels / Dress Shoes
EVA Clogs
Leather Clogs
Best For Tracks, Fields, Courts, Trails Industrial Sites Formal Events Light Activities Gardening Long Shifts On Your Feet
Key Benefit High Propulsion Accident Protection Aesthetic Appeal Wide + Open Fit Slip On Reduced Pressure on Joints
Comfort Time Window 1-2 Hour Sports Activities Quick Patrols 5-10 Minutes Casual Activities Casual Activities 12+ Hour Shift Comfort
Clean­ability Low Low Low Moderate Moderate Easy to Clean
Fluid Protection Low Moderate Low None Moderate High Fluid Resistance
Fit Snug and Tight Rigid Rigid Loose Rigid Moderate
Customiz­­ability Low None None High None Unlimited Customiz­­ability
Oil Slip Resistance Low High Low Low Low High Slip Resistance
Bacteria Resistance Low Low Low Low Low High Bacteria Resistance
Weight Light Heavy Moderate Light Heavy Ultra-Lightweight
Ankle Support High Moderate Low Low Low High Ankle Support
Arch Support High Moderate Low Low Moderate High Arch Support
Flexibility High Low Low Moderate Low High Flexibility
Break-in Time 1-2 Weeks 2-3 Months Years 1 Week 2-3 Months Instant Comfort
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