5 Reasons Why You Need These Comfortable Shoes Now!

Nurses, waiters, teachers and chefs, there's finally a shoe built for standing comfortably for long hours.  The right shoes can have a big impact on your day at work, running errands, or simply long periods of time on your feet.  If your someone standing on our feet all day, you know how hard it is to find shoes that don't cause pain, fatigue, or discomfort.  That's why we're recommending the best shoes for standing - STAND+ #1 Lab Ranked for comfort, durability, fit, and pressure reduction. Here's five reasons why STAND+ are the best shoes for standing all day.

1. Ranked #1 in Lab Tests

Out of 400+ athletic and workwear shoes, STAND+ ranked #1 for standing durability, softest cushioning, best overall fit, and lowest heel and foot pressure.  Cushioning even improved throughout the day!

2. The Only Antimicrobial Shoe

Stop bringing bacteria home!

Shoes retain harmful bacteria despite disinfection. STAND+ are the only clinically tested shoes demonstrated to be efficient at removing harmful bacteria and fluids.

3. All Day Support For Your Feet

Q: What shoes offer arch support, orthopedic insoles, and are good for standing for 12 hour days.

A: STAND+ shoes, they're the first shoes built specifically for standing.

4. Loved By Essential Workers

Worn by over 50,000 essential workers with thousands of 5-star reviews, STAND+ are frequently featured as the best shoes for nurses and best shoes for standing.

5. HSA / FSA Eligible

The first ever footwear approved for health savings accounts (HSA), and flexible spending accounts (FSA). Treat your feet to cloud-like comfort, tax free!