Gales; Our Favorite Features

What makes a good work shoe? Comfortable? Top priority. Protective? A must. Low maintenance? An added bonus. Finding a shoe that ticks all of the boxes at an affordable price shouldn’t be a hassle, so why is it?

That’s the question we asked ourselves back in 2020, when our founder identified the need for nurses to have access to shoes that can meet all of their needs. Nurses are busy, so their uniforms need to be a no-brainer.  So, when we set out designing the very first pair of Gales®, it was all about the ✨features✨.

We consulted the experts when designing Gales® nurses from around the country. That’s right, nurses have been involved at every step of Gales®’ journey, and their feedback has been crucial in the design of each feature that our shoes have. Gales® is designed by nurses, for nurses, and we made it our mission to take on board every bit of feedback provided, as well as any pain points that our consultants expressed, and we’re confident we have designed a shoe that has nurses’ needs at top of mind.

Gales® offer all-day comfort, protection from infection, and are super low maintenance thanks to their minimal and sleek design. As we said, it’s all about the features, so here’s a run down of what makes our shoes stand out from the rest.

Orthopedic Insoles = All-Day Support

We’re sure you already know this, but nurses can walk up to 3,7 miles in any given shift– and that’s a conservative estimate! According to a study conducted by Sage Journals “individuals working in the health sector are more likely to have work-related health problems; work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs) are the most common problem. Low back pain is the most prevalent WMSD among nurses, followed by lower limb WMSDs (i.e., ankle and foot, knee, hip, and thigh)”. 

When looking for a shoe that can go the distance on those 12 hour shifts, many might think that a seemingly high-performance running shoe is the best move. However, these shoes are designed for high-impact workouts that last no longer than a couple of hours. So, when we were designing Gales®, ensuring that they stayed comfortable all day and offered support in the right places was crucial. 

That’s why we equipped our shoes with custom, machine washable Ortholite® insoles. Not only do these cloud-like insoles provide all day comfort and continuous arch support, but they also help with moisture management. As with every component of Gales®, these insoles can be easily removed and machine washed. They’re designed to maintain their performance benefits even after multiple washes– they’re built to go the distance!

Seamless Design = Better Protection

Sometimes, less is more. When working with nurses on product development, on top of wanting comfort, many expressed the desire for a shoe that is 100% waterproof that could mitigate any dangerous liquids from penetrating, so we made our design as minimal as possible. That means no annoying laces that need to be tied multiple times a day, no unnecessary materials or crevasse's. Nurses are exposed to so many unknown bacteria during any given shift, so being protected from head to toe is an absolute must. 

Thanks to our antimicrobial material, Gales® are 100% moisture-proof, meaning you don’t need to worry about any foreign liquids or unknown bacteria seeping in. They can be wiped clean with an antiseptic wipe, and dry in a matter of seconds thanks to this durable low-maintenance material. Gales® are designed to be easy to wear, so we equipped our shoes with a snug resistance band across the top that keeps them in place and adds an additional layer of support.

Light as a Feather = Walking on a Cloud

There’s nothing worse than a clunky shoe that slows you down. When designing Gales®, we didn’t want to compromise on delivering a shoe that is both protective and comfortable, so we set out to find the lightest, most durable material possible that wouldn’t feel heavy or restrictive on long work days. 

Gales® have a soft-touch thanks to our XL Extralight® technology that makes them 3x lighter than comparable materials on the market. They’re designed to meet the demands of both wet and dry surfaces in a work environment, and have firm grip soles that are slip-resistant. 

All of these features result in a shoe that will go the extra mile to keep you comfortable and protected. Oh, and we firmly believe that nurses shouldn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on work shoes, so Gales® are available for $89.95 a pair. 

We developed all of our shoes with the help of nurses, and we want to continue to enlist their feedback to inform future product development. Follow us on Instagram, leave a comment or DM us telling us about your experience wearing Gales®! We’re determined to continue to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of healthcare professionals, so we want to hear from you!