Why STAND+ Shoes are the Perfect Fit for Hairdressers

As a hairdresser, you spend long hours on your feet navigating a busy salon all day. Because of that, your shoes need to support you every step of the way! Enter STAND+ shoes—offering unmatched comfort and essential features to keep you at your best. Here’s why STAND+ is the ultimate choice for hairdressers:

Slip-Resistance for Safe Salon Movement

With wet floors and spilled products, slip-resistant shoes are essential for preventing accidents. STAND+ shoes allow you to confidently move around the salon without worrying about slips and falls. 

Energy Dispersion for Reduced Fatigue

Standing for extended periods can take a toll on your feet and legs, leading to fatigue and discomfort. Our shoes are designed with energy dispersion technology, evenly distributing pressure and reducing the impact on your feet while providing cloudlike cushioning. This innovative feature minimizes fatigue, allowing you to stay energized and focused throughout your busy workday.

Antimicrobial Materials for Hygiene

A clean and hygienic work environment is essential, especially in a salon setting. STAND+ shoes are crafted with antimicrobial materials that inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi. This feature not only keeps your shoes fresher for longer but also contributes to a healthier environment for both you and your clients.

Easy to Clean for Convenience

Hairdressing can get messy, and cleaning your shoes regularly is a necessity. STAND+ shoes are designed for convenience—you can easily wash them in a washing machine if needed. This hassle-free cleaning process ensures your shoes remain in top condition with minimal effort, saving you time and keeping you looking sharp.

For hairdressers who demand the best in comfort, safety, and functionality, STAND+ shoes are the perfect choice. Invest in STAND+ and experience the difference—because you deserve footwear that works as hard as you do.