4 Things Nurses Need In 2022

Nurses, what’s on your wish list in 2022? When your career is  focused on taking care of others, it’s important to give yourself a little TLC, too. 

After an unprecedented couple of years, countless 12+ hour shifts and dealing with so many daily unknowns, sometimes you just need to take care of you and treat yourself to products that make both your working and non-working life a little easier.

Finding the right daily essentials that serve both a practical purpose and also add a little fun to your day can make everything go a little more seamlessly, so we did a little digging and put together a 2022  roundup of products designed for nurses. 

Something comfy

When you’re on your feet all day, you need shoes that are going to go the extra mile for you. A nurse's workday is often hectic, unpredictable and always exhausting, so the right pair of shoes can make the world of difference.

When you think of staying comfortable on your feet all day, you may be tempted to turn to running shoes or other types of sneakers that are geared to strenuous activity. However, these seemingly comfortable options are not always built for those long 12 hour shifts, not to mention the fact that these sneakers do little to protect you on the job.

At Gales, we believe you shouldn't have to choose between comfort and protection, and that’s why we enlisted the help of hundreds of nurses from around the country to create the first PPE shoe designed exclusively for nurses.

Gales are engineered for all day comfort, and have a ton of innovative features that help protect you from the uncertainties of your job. Gales are equipped with removable and washable Ortholite® X40™ insoles that maintain their shape and performance benefits after every wash. These insoles provide all-day comfort, and also feature slip-resistant technology and an antimicrobial barrier that helps reduce dangerous liquids and infections from seeping in. 

Stopping in the middle of a shift to tie your laces is a thing of the past. When designing Gales, we set out to make them as easy to wear and maintain as possible, that’s why our shoes don’t contain any unnecessary materials or laces that can incubate bacteria and lead to infection. Gales slip-on design provides long-term arch support, and the grip soles means you can move quickly with ease on any surface. Gales feel super light-weight thanks to their XL Extralight® technology that makes them 3 times lighter than other nursing shoes on the market. 

Lastly, we’re committed to making Gales as affordable as possible, so you can grab your pair now for $89.95( that’s around 40% less than other nursing shoe brands out there). Oh, and did we mention we have 6 awesome colors to choose from? Whether you’re a lover of neutrals or all things color, we have the shoes for you! 

Something to make you smile after a hard day

The post-work ritual is so needed after a long shift. We get it, you’ve been slammed all day and the last thing anyone needs is to come home to more work!

Whether sitting down with a cup of tea or relaxing with a book, at the end of a long shift, it’s important to take some time to relax and regroup. And what better way to unwind then with a fun candle with a positive affirmation.

In the world of healthcare, stressful days can make it hard to  feel how impactful your job is when you’re focused on getting through the day. Studies have shown that taking just ten minutes at any point throughout the day that's just for yourself to focus on mindfulness can reduce stress immensely. So, at the end of a long day, come home, light a candle and enjoy a moment of peace. You deserve it.

Something practical

Finding products that have multiple functions is a must to reduce the amount of things you need to carry on the job, which is why we love this Scrub 30 Version 2 Pulsometer Watch that can help you stay on top of time, and some other useful features.

It’s equipped with a comfortable and easy-to-clean band, and has a built-in 15 second interval quadrants ring that makes for easy pulse taking. Simply count the beats in 15 seconds and multiply by 4! 

This watch comes in a variety of colors and even holds up to the unlimited number of hand washes thanks to its waterproof design. One product, multiple functionalities.

Something fun

Nurses are known for taking the weight of their responsibilities home with them at night. When your career is also your passion, it can be hard to completely switch off and enjoy the fun things in life.

During the workday, coffee, tea or anything caffeinated is a likely fuel of choice, so when when your job is done for the day, it’s time to transition to something a little more calming.

Hang this glass rack in your kitchen or living space as a gentler reminder that the workday has ended and you time is beginning. 

So, whatever way you choose to treat yourself in 2022, strike the balance between need and want by finding essentials that benefit you both at work and during your down time.